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 Welcome to The Chaplick Group


The Chaplick Group is a consultancy providing Strategic Research Strategies and Candidate Development for HR organizations and executive search firms. We support both executive search firms and industries to augment their existing research and candidate development capabilities for organizations on a global basis. 

The Chaplick Group shares its strengths with clients by serving as an extension of existing contract and executive recruitment efforts. This collaboration results in providing a superior slate of candidates in a timely manner, all at a cost effective advantage.

Our organization was created in early 2009 in response to the harsh realities facing our clients, i.e. economic and political uncertainties, reluctance of candidates to move and extraordinary budget constraints. We revamped our business model to better align with our clients’ needs. 

Since then The Chaplick Group has successfully applied its expertise in Strategic Research Strategies and Candidate Development for executive level searches on a global basis. 

What we are all about

First and foremost, we have an absolute passion for recruiting. We align ourselves as an extension and partner of our clients. We want them fully engaged. We have the ability to excel on the most challenging assignments across time zones, geographies and cultures.

We are driven to “closing the deal” and that is getting the “difficult to find” candidate on board. We have an obsessive attention to detail and a results-oriented philosophy which mirrors the intensity of our clients.

Finally, we are all about execution. We are committed to executing searches efficiently without any wasted motion or superfluous activities.

 Our Clients

We represent executive search firms and company organizations in a diverse array of industries including: Financial Services, Management Consulting, Software and Services, Information Technology, E-Commerce, Private Sector, Consumer and Industrial Products, and Technology-based Manufacturing. We have an expertise in a broad range of executive management functions including Professional Services, Sales and Marketing, Human Resources, Finance and Administration and Engineering.

 What is special about our search business model? The answer is “Shared Risk”.

 We continually provide the dedicated commitment to each client with personalized service.

  • The skills and experience provided by executive search professionals

  • Position Specification development…truly understanding the need

  • Providing comprehensive Candidate Development Profiles to determine strengths, qualifications, personality traits and cultural fit

  • Effectively selling the opportunity to hesitant, superior candidates

  • Assist with the offer process 

We share the financial risk with the clients.

  • A blended fee approach either on a hourly or monthly basis for the duration of the search (typically three months)

  • A “success bonus” once the selected candidate is on board